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Unlocking the Veil: Understanding Physical Mediumship By Enjoli

The realm of mediumship is vast and diverse encompassing various forms of communication with the spirit world. One intriguing aspect of this field is physical mediumship. Physical mediumship involves the manipulation and interaction of physical objects by spirits often utilizing a medium as a conduit. In this blog we will delve into the characteristics of a physical medium explore ways to identify if you possess this unique ability and discuss methods of spiritual self-protection.

Understanding Physical Mediumship:

Physical mediumship is characterized by the ability to channel spirits who can manipulate the physical environment. This can manifest in different ways such as the movement of objects levitation materializations trance states and direct spirit communication through physical phenomena. It requires a deep connection between the medium and the spirit realm allowing communication to transcend the boundaries of the physical world.

Traits of a Physical Medium:

While everyone has some form of mediumship potential physical mediums possess specific traits and abilities that set them apart. Here are some common characteristics:

1. Sensitivity to Energy: Physical mediums have an enhanced sensitivity to subtle energy fluctuations and vibrations. They can often perceive the presence of spirits and feel changes in the surrounding atmosphere as spirits attempt to manifest their presence.

2. Altered States of Consciousness: Physical mediums can enter deep trance states in which they surrender control of their physical body to allow spirits to communicate and manifest physically. This altered state allows the medium to bridge the gap between the worlds facilitating the interaction with spirits.

3. Control and Blending: Physical mediums must develop the ability to control and blend their energy with that of spirit entities. This requires practice and a deep understanding of energy dynamics to navigate the interactions and ensure a harmonious exchange.

4. Healing Ability: Many physical mediums possess a natural inclination towards healing others. They may channel healing energies from the spirit world to help restore balance and well-being.

Identifying if You Are a Physical Medium:

Discovering and honing your mediumship abilities can be an exciting and transformative journey. Here are some indications that you might have the potential to be a physical medium:

1. Unexplained Phenomena: If you regularly experience unexplained physical phenomena such as objects moving or lights flickering in your presence it could be an indication of latent physical mediumship abilities.

2. Intuitive Sensitivity: Heightened intuition and empathic abilities are often common in physical mediums. If you find yourself easily picking up on energies and emotions you may be more in tune with the spirit realm.

3. Spirit Encounters: If you frequently have encounters with spirits whether through dreams sensations or direct communication it suggests a potential connection to physical mediumship.

Self-Spiritual Protection:

As a physical medium it is crucial to establish and maintain spiritual protection practices. Here are some ways to protect yourself:

1. Grounding and Clearing: Regularly grounding and clearing your energy is essential for maintaining spiritual balance. Techniques such as meditation visualization and energy healing can aid in this process.

2. Setting Boundaries: Establish boundaries with the spirit realm by clearly stating your intentions and specifying the type of communication you are comfortable with. Clearly defining your boundaries helps maintain a safe and respectful energetic exchange.

3. Protection Rituals: Incorporate protective rituals into your spiritual practices. This can include creating a sacred space using crystals and calling upon spiritual guides for protection and guidance.

4. Self-Care: Prioritize self-care to maintain a healthy mind body and spirit. Nurturing yourself through activities such as exercise healthy eating restful sleep and engaging in hobbies that bring you joy will help you stay balanced.


Physical mediumship is a remarkable and unique gift that allows individuals to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual realms. If you resonate with the traits mentioned and have experienced unexplained phenomena and spirit encounters it may be worth exploring your potential as a physical medium. Remember to establish strong self-spiritual protection practices to navigate this realm safely and effectively. Embrace your abilities and allow yourself to embark on a fascinating journey of connection and discovery.

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