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Vaginal steaming, an alternative health treatment for supporting a person’s internal reproductive organs.  This method of steaming your genitals may be used by those assigned female at birth, intersex, non-binary, or transmasculine people.


  V-steaming is also said to offer the following benefits: Detoxify the womb, Regulate monthly bleeding, Treatment for stress.  Increase fertility. Relief from menopause symptoms. Decrease fatigue Treatment for hemorrhoids Improve energy Faster healing after childbirth. Decrease headaches. 

Yoni Steam Spa Kit

  • BV/YEAST: Mugwort, White Sage, Nettles, Rose Petal, Mint, Lavender, Astragalus, Phellodendron, Chamomile, Calendula, Pau' D afrco with blend of yoni gold essentail oil.

    FERTILITY PREP: Orange Peel, Dong Quai, Eleuthero Root, Wormwood, Basil, Calendula,Chamomile,Red Rose,Lavender and Mineral Salts infused with Yoni Gold Essentail Oil.

    Product: {1 steam pan} for the toliet seat. (2) Yoni Blends. (1) Rose Quartz Tumble

    Each Package of Yoni Steam is 0.08 ounces, You can get two steams per package.

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