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Raw Mullein Leaf relieves congestion associated with dry coughs. Acts as a mild lung sedative.Mullein root can be used to help spin misalignment. Protect wounds from infections. Mullien helps to reduce fever and cure infections. Relieves toothaches, headache, cold and sinusitis. Increases frequency and quantity of urination.Gives relief from muscular cramps and nervous disorders.

Raw Mullein Leaf Tea

  • Imported 100%  Wildcraft from Northern Africa 

    Carefully packed In Newark, NJ

    Certified USDA Organic 


    Healthy & Delicious: Heart, Lung, Bone/Muscle, Immune System Support.  Each Package includes 4 Unbleached Paper Tea Bags, Each Bag can get Three uses. That means 3 cups of tea from 1 paper tea bag. 

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