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A powerful tool for cleansing and purification. White Sage has a long history of use in Egyptian, Roman, and Greek medicine, as well as in Native American healing traditions. Dried sage is burned as a way to heal, protect, increase wisdom, and boost defense against disease.  

Pure White Sage

  • Set your intentions for your ritual and express gratitude to the Lavender White Sage for helping us on our journey, then burn the sage, maintain your intentions while sage is smoking. 

    Never sage longer than 30 minutes a day. Open all windows and doors while saging so that trapped energy can remove ones self from sacred space.




  • Into this smoke, I release all energies that no longer serves my highest good,

    Into this smoke I claim spiritual peace. Into this smoke, I only ask for peace, love and light. 

    Into this smoke, I ask for wealth & health for me and my family. 

    Into this smoke, I claim I am protection over myself and home.

    Into this smoke, I am supported by the universe. Into this smoke, I am Loved by the universe daily. Into this smoke, I enjoy living my best life,

    Ase and so it is. 




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