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This ebook explains the importance and benefits of positive affirmations in overcoming anxiety depression and insomnia. It explains that our thoughts and words have a powerful impact on our subconscious mind and we can use positive affirmations to reprogram our mind and shift our focus towards positivity and abundance.

The ebook also goes deeper into the spiritual science behind affirmations and how it aligns with the law of attraction. It helps readers understand the importance of visualizing their desires and speaking them into existence for them to manifest.

Apart from affirmations for mental health the ebook also includes a bonus section on affirmations for achieving financial wealth and money. These affirmations are designed to help readers overcome their limiting beliefs about money and attract wealth and abundance into their lives.

Overall this ebook is a helpful guide for anyone looking to improve their mental state and manifest positive changes in their life through the power of positive affirmations.

Let's Talk About Positive Affirmations for Anxiety,Depression Insomnia

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