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My Ouu Baby Face & Body Oils is formulated with organic ingredients and a blend of essential oils to moisturize and heal irritable, Bruised or inflamed skin, dry patches, eczema, fade stretch marks, hyperpigmentation and more. It really is the best oils you can apply on your skin and children's skin. 

Ouu Baby Face & Body Healing Oils 2oz

  • 4oz bottles for the best results ladies and gents apply to damp skin after a shower for moisture retention until product is fully absorbed into skin. Use 2-4 times daily or as much as you need. Massage this beautiful oil into your skin until completely absorbed!!!
    Ingredients- grape seed oils, sunflowers oil, shea nut oil, hemp oil, Neem, Turmeric, Raw Vitamin E oils, Lemon EO, Tea tree oils, Clove, Rosemary, helichrysum.

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