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Please Charge Your Crystals

Crystals are like us in that they need to be charged. We use rest/sleep, food, sunshine, water, and other methods to refuel ourselves every day.

After repeatedly absorbing, transmuting, and amplifying your intentions, crystals need to release these stored-up energies.

There are several ways you can clear and recharge your crystals. The best method is the one that feels intuitively aligned to you and your crystal.

However, you will notice some stones don’t hold up well to certain methods. Some crystals don’t tolerate water, and others easily scratch when salt is involved. You can also research the properties of each crystal and charge it according to its element.

Here are 9 methods for giving your crystals the boost they deserve!

Moonlight. Leave your crystals overnight beneath the full moon for a monthly lunar charge.

Moon water. First, charge clear water in the moonlight. Next, either soak your stone overnight or simply wash it with the lunar water.

Burial. Bury your crystal directly in the ground (don’t forget to mark the spot). You can also place soil in a jar or large container and keep your stone embedded in it for a week.

Sound bath. Recharge your stone’s vibration with a singing bowl, tuning fork, or bells.

Smoke. Use the power of smoke to pull pent-up energies out of your stone. Try herbs such as sweetgrass or sage, or incense like jasmine and lavender.

Salt. Immerse your crystals in sea salt overnight to purify them.

Breath-work. Use your breath to push out the energies stored in your stone. This method requires a clear mind and good visualization.

Visualization. Imagine a healing light entering your crystals until the old energy stored within is cleared.

Spirit guides. Using meditation, call upon your spiritual guides to purify your crystals of old energy and renew their original intentions.

Keeping your crystals well-charged means they’ll function at their best-intended abilities. Whether you have 5 minutes or a few days, your stone can be ready for use again in no time!

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