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Nightly Healing Poem by Enjoli

In the depths of our souls so lost

Where pain and darkness reigns

A light flickers silently,

The hope of healing, it explains.

It's the light of spiritual healing,

Stronger than any earthly balm,

It whispers words of comfort,

And wraps us in a cosmic calm.

It's a soothing salve for our wounds,

And a balm for troubled minds,

It heals with each breath we take and release.

The universe sends us grace

To heal the wounds that mar our souls

And bring us to a peaceful place.

Relinquish fear and let it go

Allow the light to take control

For in its warmth and gentle embrace

Our wounded hearts become whole.

The journey to healing may be long

And the road may seem unclear

But with each step we take in faith

The path will become quite clear.

So surrender all your pain and grief

And release it to the Divine

For in its infinite wisdom and love

Your healing will truly shine.

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