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How to perform a Reiki Session By Enjoli

An amazing thing about Reiki is how simple it is. In that simplicity, the stillness that settles in is what allows our body minds to draw in and work with the energy in the way that we need it to. When we focus on the specific, intellectual aspects of the practice it can sometimes be difficult to hold open space for healing to occur. So, I think you will find my practice is very simple. In that simplicity, the power of Reiki can flow.

Essentially they mean to:

  1. Center

  2. Set your intention

  3. Draw the energy in

  4. Allow the energy to flow

My understanding is that this does not mean that area is imbalanced, rather it is a piece of a puzzle the body wants to focus on as it processes and balances. Dis-ease on a physical level occurs when there are imbalances first on an energetic level. Our work is on the energetic level so we cannot use physical sensations or symptoms as a way to the root of the energetic dysfunction.

Reiki works because it is not limited by our perception and partial understandings of the human bodymind. When we step out of the equation and are observers, it puts the power into the hands of the recipient and Reiki.


Closing the Session

When I have completed my final position, I return to the recipient’s abdomen and set the intention that their body mind will continue to balance as needed and close the session. I visualize my chakras starting at the root and working up and take a few deep breaths to clear.

I gently touch their shoulder and let them know the session is complete and that I am getting them some water.

I give them space to get up and get their water.


I ask them how they are feeling and keep my session comments brief. When talking about sensations during the session I focus on the balancing as opposed to perceived imbalances. By focusing on the work the body is doing, the recipient also consciously focuses on the healing they are doing.


I ask them when they feel they would be ready for another session and we schedule that in. If they are unsure, I tell them to listen to their body and that they will know when they need to come back.

I then change table linens and take a little time to center.

I hope this is helpful for you. We are all different and every session will look and feel differently. This is another amazing aspect of Reiki and what makes it so much fun.

In Love & Light


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