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Hoodoo Freezer Spell: A Guide to Casting By Enjoli Soul Scents LLC

Hoodoo, a traditional African American folk magic practice, includes various spells and rituals aimed at achieving specific goals. One such spell is the Freezer Spell, which is commonly used to freeze or bind someone's actions or negative influences. This essay will serve as a guide to casting a Hoodoo Freezer Spell, outlining the steps involved and discussing its purpose and potential benefits.

Main Part:

I. Understanding the Purpose of a Freezer Spell

The Freezer Spell is typically performed when you want to freeze or restrict someone's negative actions or influence in your life. It can be used to stop someone from causing harm, interfering with your goals, or spreading negativity. The spell works by symbolically freezing the person's actions or intentions, preventing them from causing further harm.

II. Materials Required for the Freezer Spell

To cast a Hoodoo Freezer Spell, you will need the following materials:

1. A small glass or freezer-safe container with a lid

2. A piece of paper or a photograph representing the person you want to freeze out

3. A black pen or marker

4. Water

5. Optional: herbs, spices, or personal items associated with binding or freezing, such as black pepper, cayenne pepper, or alum.

III. Steps to Cast the Freezer Spell

Follow these steps to cast the Hoodoo Freezer Spell:

1. Preparation:

- Cleanse and purify yourself by taking a bath or shower.

- Set your intention clearly in your mind.

2. Writing the Name:

- Take the piece of paper or photograph representing the person you want to freeze out.

- Write their full name or a description of them on the paper using the black pen or marker.

- Visualize their negative actions or influence as you write.

3. Symbolic Freezing:

- Fold the paper or photograph and place it inside the container.

- If you have chosen to use herbs or spices, add them to the container as well.

- Pour water into the container, covering the paper and any additional ingredients.

- As you pour the water, visualize the person's actions being frozen and their influence being halted.

4. Sealing the Spell:

- Close the container tightly with its lid.

- If desired, you can further seal the spell by wrapping the container with aluminum foil or placing it inside a Ziploc bag.

5. Freezing the Spell:

- Place the container in the freezer.

- Visualize the person's negative actions being frozen and their influence being immobilized every time you open the freezer.

IV. Maintaining the Freezer Spell

To maintain the effectiveness of the Freezer Spell, follow these guidelines:

1. Keep the container in the freezer for as long as needed.

2. Avoid opening the container unless necessary, as this may weaken the spell's energy.

3. If you feel the person's negative influence returning, you can reinforce the spell by adding more water and re-visualizing their actions being frozen.


The Hoodoo Freezer Spell is a powerful tool in freezing or binding someone's negative actions or influence. By following the steps outlined in this guide and maintaining the spell, you can effectively restrict their harm and protect yourself from their negative energy. Remember to always approach spellcasting with respect and responsibility, and to consider the ethical implications of your intentions.

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