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Harvest Moon in Aries ♈️ Sep 29th Poem By Enjoli

Oh Harvest Moon in Aries bold and bright llluminate the heavens with your radiant light.

As the autumn breezes softly sighYour golden beams adorn the midnight sky.

In the fiery sign of the Ram you resideInfusing the harvest season with celestial pride.

With courage and passion you guide the waySymbolizing beginnings on this lunar display.

Aries the warrior of the zodiac clanYour energy ignites the spirit of every man.

Under your watchful gaze the fields come aliveRipe with abundance the fruits of our strive.

With each radiant beam that you bestowEarth awakens in an ethereal glow.

Filling hearts with gratitude and cheerAs the bounty of Mother Nature draws near.

The crescendo of autumn's symphony is heardAs the Harvest Moon in Aries is finally stirred.

Bathing the land in a gentle tender embraceAwakening dreams love and aspirations with grace.

Oh celestial dancer in the night's embraceYour gentle glow illuminates every trace.

Of hard work devotion and seeds sownIn you we find solace harvest moon of our own.

As we marvel at your wondrous displayWe give thanks for another bountiful day.

With Aries' fiery spirit so fierce and trueWe embrace the harvest and what it imbues.

So Harvest Moon in Aries your time is hereShining upon us with warmth and cheer.

May your golden light forever guideThe harvest's blessings far and wide.

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