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Enjoli's Point Of View: A Beautiful Podcast Series

Welcome to Enjoli's Point Of View a beautiful podcast series that delves into various topics surrounding metaphysics spirituality Reiki healing relationships and my personal journey. It is through this podcast that I aim to share insights stories and knowledge inspiring listeners to embrace a more holistic and meaningful approach to life.

Episode Highlight: Harnessing the Energy of the New Moon in Cancer

In this week's episode we will explore the powerful and transformative energy of the New Moon in Cancer. The New Moon is a beautiful phase of the lunar cycle that brings with it a fresh start and an opportunity for growth. By harnessing this energy and aligning ourselves with the qualities of Cancer we can embark on a journey of self-reflection emotional healing and nurturing self-care.

1. Understanding the New Moon:

Before diving into the specific energy of the New Moon in Cancer it is essential to grasp

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Harnessing The New Moon in Cancer Energy

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