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Divine Week In The Stars 🌟

April 15: Moon conjunct Saturn in Pisces at 10:57 pm PT ♓

It’s that time again — the Moon aligns with Saturn every month. This combo is always about emotional maturity. With the two in Pisces, we’re all prone to hypersensitivity. The challenge: Be less reactive and more responsive. Pausing just one extra second when triggered makes a big difference.

April 19: New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Aries at 9:12 pm PT ♈

This solar eclipse is very rare! It’s called a ‘hybrid solar eclipse’ because it goes back and forth between a total eclipse and an annular eclipse (when the Moon is further away from Earth and appears smaller, producing a ‘ring of fire’). Hybrid eclipses usually only happen once or less per decade.

April 20: Sun enters Taurus at 1:13 am PT Happy New Moon 🌞

If you've been feeling ungrounded, Taurus season's your charm. As a fixed earth sign, Taurus is stable and steady. We all know how stubborn Taurus can be, but it's the best medicine when you're up in the air or all over the place. And it brings the calm.

brings the calm.

April 21: Mercury turns Retrograde in Taurus at 1:35 am PT ♉

Mercury turns retrograde about three times a year. This round is in grounded, practical, slow-to-change Taurus. Mercury loves movement, but Taurus takes comfort in holding steady. The question here is: What are you holding onto that keeps you stuck? It might be a way of thinking — how’s your self-talk? Or it may be your view on money and security. Rethink old habits to re-inspire your life.

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