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Book Your ORACLE OF THE 7 ENERGIES READING TODAY With Enjoli Soul Scents ✨️

The Oracle of the 7 Energies is a deck of oracle cards created by Colette Baron-Reid. The deck features 49 cards each representing one of seven different energy centers or chakras. The purpose of the deck is to help individuals connect with their own inner wisdom gain insights into their life path and make positive changes in their lives.

The Oracle of the 7 Energies can be highly beneficial for those who are seeking guidance clarity and inspiration. The deck can help individuals to understand the energetic patterns that influence their lives and provide insights into how to make positive changes to those patterns. The cards also offer affirmations and practical advice for individuals to follow in order to achieve their goals.

During an Oracle of the 7 Energies reading session the client can expect to receive guidance and insights related to their life path, relationships, career and spiritual journey. The reader ( Ms.Enjoli) may ask the client to set an intention or ask a specific question. The reader (Ms. Enjoli) allow the cards to choose themselves through shuffling and drawing. The reader will then interpret the cards and offer insights and guidance about how the client can apply the messages to their life. The session may also include a discussion of practical steps the client can take to make positive changes in their life. Peace N Love 💫

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