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Today’s Astro Forecast: Venus enters Taurus at 3:34 pm PT ♉

Venus in Taurus doesn’t race on to the next best thing or dig up some drama. It has presence, patience, and peacefulness. During this transit, see if you can slow down and enjoy the moment. There’s no other place to be.

Welcome to the biggest paradigm shift of 2023!

When Pluto changes signs (on average once every 20 years), our lives and society shift significantly. Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23, 2023, and during this time, we can expect a redistribution of power, along with new developments in science and technology.

Venus in Taurus ♉️ is the pleasure principle. Ask yourself the simple questions in life such as " Does this feel good"? And do more things that make you feel good. ✨️

The world is your playground. Explore a little bit. Peace Love and Light 💜 💙

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