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  • What is Reiki ?
    A: Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that promotes relaxation stress reduction and holistic well-being. It involves the practitioner using their hands to transfer energy to the recipient aiding in balancing the flow of energy throughout the body. Q: How long does a Reiki session typically last? A: The duration of a Reiki session can vary depending on individual preference and the practitioner. Typically sessions can range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes with 60 minutes being the most common duration. How should I prepare for a Reiki session? A: It is recommended to wear loose comfortable clothing during a session and it is best to avoid heavy meals or intoxication before your appointment. Additionally try to arrive a few minutes early to settle in and relax before the session begins. What can I expect during a Reiki session? A: During a Reiki session you will be lying down on a comfortable treatment table fully clothed. The practitioner will place their hands either lightly on or just above your body in a series of hand positions. You may experience sensations of warmth tingling or deep relaxation during the session. Is Reiki only effective for physical concerns? A: No Reiki addresses the whole person including physical emotional mental and spiritual aspects. It can assist with a wide range of concerns such as stress reduction relaxation pain management emotional healing and spiritual growth. Q: How many Reiki sessions will I need? A: The number of sessions needed varies depending on individual needs and goals. Some individuals may experience benefits after just one session while others may require multiple sessions for optimal results. Discussing your goals with the practitioner can help determine a recommended treatment plan. Q: Is Reiki suitable for everyone? A: Yes Reiki is safe and can be beneficial for people of all ages and backgrounds. However it is always advisable to inform the Reiki practitioner about any specific health conditions or concerns you may have before the session. Q: Can Reiki be received in conjunction with other treatments or therapies? A: Yes Reiki is a complementary therapy that can be safely integrated with other treatments or therapies. It can enhance the benefits of other healing modalities and support the body's natural healing processes. Q: How do I book a Reiki session? A: To book a Reiki session you can select the book section on the website and pick In-person or distant healing Reiki session. Use the schedule calendar to select the best date and time for your healing appointment. Q: What are the payment options for a Reiki session? All forms of payments are accepted on the website. Unfortunately cash will not be accepted due to the fact appointments have to be booked and paid for before session. is had.
  • Whole Sale Sea Moss Gel 16oz Jars
    Q1: What is the minimum order quantity for wholesale purchases of Seamoss gel in 16oz glass jars? A1: The minimum order quantity for wholesale purchases of Sea Moss gel in 16oz glass jars is 12 jars. Q2: How is the wholesale pricing structured for these products? A2: Wholesale pricing is available for our Sea Moss gel in 16oz glass jars. For products with our label a discount of $3 per jar will be applied. For non-labeled products there will be a discount of $5 per jar. Q3: Can I mix and match different flavors or variants for my wholesale order? A3: Yes you have the flexibility to mix and match two different flavors or variants of Sea moss gel for your wholesale order. Please ensure that your order quantity remains at least 12 jars. Q4: Can I request customized labeling for the jars in my wholesale order? A4: Yes we offer the option for customized labeling for wholesale orders. If you wish to have your own label on the jars please contact our customer support team to discuss the details and any additional costs involved. Q5: What is the lead time for wholesale orders of Sea Moss gel in 16 oz glass jars? A5: As we make our gel fresh-to-order the lead time for wholesale orders can vary depending on the order quantity. On average it can take 3-7 days to fulfill the order. However for a more accurate estimate please reach out to our customer support team. Q6: Are there any additional discounts or incentives available for bulk or recurring wholesale orders? A6: We appreciate our wholesale customers and offer additional incentives for bulk or recurring orders. Please contact our customer support team to discuss your specific requirements and we will be happy to provide you with the available options. Q7: Can I return or exchange the wholesale products if I am not satisfied? A7: Due to the nature of our products and the bulk packaging involved we do not accept returns or exchanges for wholesale orders . However if you have any concerns with your order please contact our customer support team and we will work towards finding a suitable solution. Q8: How can I place a wholesale order for Sea Moss gel in 16oz glass jars? A8: To place a wholesale order please visit our website and navigate to the Wholesale section. Fill out the wholesale order form with your desired quantity labeling preferences (if any and other necessary details. Alternatively you can also contact our customer support team directly and they will assist you through the ordering process. Q9: What payment methods are accepted for wholesale orders? A9: We accept various payment methods for wholesale orders including credit/debit cards and PayPal. Our customer support team will provide you with more information on the available payment options and guide you through the payment process. Q10: Can I request samples before placing a wholesale order? A10: Unfortunately we do not offer samples for wholesale orders. However we understand the importance of trying our products before making a bulk purchase. Therefore we recommend purchasing a smaller quantity from our retail section to test the product quality and flavors before committing to a wholesale order. If you have any other questions or require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team
  • Oracle7 Energies Reading
    A:What is an Oracle7 Energies reading? Q: An Oracle7 Energies reading is a spiritual consultation session conducted by Ms. Enjoli. During the reading Ms. Enjoli taps into the Oracle7 Energies to receive messages and visions on behalf of the client. These messages and visions are meant to provide guidance insight and clarity regarding various aspects of the client's life journey. Q: How long is a typical Oracle7 Energies reading? A: A standard Oracle7 Energies reading lasts for 40 minutes. This time frame allows sufficient opportunity for Ms. Enjoli to connect with the Oracle7 Energies intuitively interpret the messages and visions and discuss them with the client Q: How much does an Oracle7 Energies reading session cost? A: The price for an Oracle7 Energies reading session is $50 for the 40-minute duration. This fee covers the time and expertise of Ms. Enjoli in providing the spiritual guidance and insight based on the Oracle7 Energies. . Q: How can I book an Oracle7 Energies reading session? A: To book an Oracle7 Energies reading session you can contact Ms. Enjoli directly through the provided channels. Information for contacting Ms. Enjoli will be provided on the website or promotional material. Simply reach out and schedule a mutually convenient time for the session. Q: Do I need to prepare anything before the Oracle7 Energies reading? A: It is recommended to take some time before the session to connect with your spiritual counsel and confer about granting Ms. Enjoli permission to receive messages and visions on your behalf. This step helps to establish a clear intention and allows for a more focused and beneficial reading experience. Q: Can I ask specific questions or seek guidance on specific areas of my life? A: Yes during the Oracle7 Energies reading session you are encouraged to ask specific questions or seek guidance on particular areas of your life that you wish to explore further. Providing clear topics or questions helps in channeling the energies and ensuring that the information received aligns with your intentions. Q: Will the Oracle7 Energies reading predict the future? A: The Oracle7 Energies reading is not intended to predict the future with certainty. It offers guidance insight and potential paths based on the messages and visions received. It is important to remember that free will and personal choices ultimately shape the future and the reading is meant to assist in making informed decisions. Q: Can I record the Oracle7 Energies reading session? A: Recording the Oracle7 Energies reading session is not permitted. This ensures that the information shared during the session remains private and confidential. However you are encouraged to take notes to reference afterward and reflect on the guidance received. Q: Can I schedule subsequent Oracle7 Energies reading sessions? A: Yes if you find the Oracle7 Energies reading helpful and wish to explore further guidance or gain more clarity you can schedule subsequent sessions with Ms. Enjoli. Keep in mind that each session is a unique experience and it is up to you to determine the frequency and number of sessions you desire. Q: What if I have additional questions after the Oracle7 Energies reading session? A: If you have any additional questions or require further clarification after the session you can reach out to Ms. Enjoli through the provided contact information. She will be happy to address any follow-up queries you may have. Please note that the answers provided in these FAQs are general and subject to specific terms and conditions outlined by Ms. Enjoli. It is always recommended to review any additional information or instructions provided by her before scheduling and participating in an Oracle7 Energies reading session.
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